Marcin Witkowski

Art Director   |   Chicago, IL

Find Your Reason

The Philadelphia Marathon is held every year to raise money for charities. Every year they have a different social campaign to go with the marathon. With the website redesigned, we had to come up with a new social campaign to encourage runners to sign up and run.

Lead Designer / Art Direction

As lead designer, I had to design the website and come up with a social campaign for the pitch. I felt the design would benefit with a section that was all about the social campaign showing different runner's stories. I kept the design clean and simple by using big imagery and clean typography.

Social Campaign

The Philadelphia Marathon was looking to have a new social campaign to encourage people to run. I came up with the idea of "Find Your Reason, #MYREASON", because when someone runs in a marathon, they always have a reason as to why they're running, whether it be cancer, family, social issues, poverty, or even just for fun. This social campaign would connect with the people and get them to join the marathon.

  • Client (Pitch) Philadelphia Marathon
  • My Role Lead Designer
  • Agency