Marcin Witkowski

Art Director   |   Chicago, IL

Risk Taker, Wall Breaker, Lion

First off my name is Marcin Witkowski, thats pronounced "mar-sin" "wit-cow-ski". I am an Art Director that is based in Chicago, IL. I have been a Designer for over 9 years now and have also done work in Front-End Development for over 6 years now. If I had to sum myself up, I'd say I am a Risk Taker, Wall Breaker, and a Lion. Now you may ask yourself, what the hell does any of that mean? Well let me explain.

Risk Taker

As a "Risk Taker" I am never afraid to push the limits on a project. Whether it fails or succeeds, you always learn something from the project. Afraid that a design might be too out of the box and not trendy? Take a chance. Without risk there is no reward.

Wall Breaker

"Wall Breaker" means I am always trying to break down barriers that stop a project from becoming the best it can be. Whether it be a stubborn Project Manager, Front-End Developer, or even project limitations. By using words and reason you can always find a work around. Explain to that Project Manager the reasoning behind your design and they'll sway. Show a Front-End Developer how you envision the site functioning and he'll jump on board. Put in those extra hours or brainstorm with your team on how you can complete the vision with limited resources. Every wall can be broken.


"A Lion" is someone that has to lead, be ahead of the pack. Every team needs someone that can provide a direction and vision for the project. Without a "Lion" everyone would argue about what they think is the right solution resulting in no progress.

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  • Design Enthusiast 9+ Years
    Front-End Dev 5+ Years
  • From Chicago, IL
    Awards 2 Won, 2 Nominated
  • Favorite Movie Drive
    Current Goal Design Domination