Marcin Witkowski

Art Director   |   Chicago, IL

Never a Dull Moment

For two decades, Benchmade has been committed to designing and manufacturing world-class sports cutlery and edged tools. We pitched a newly designed website and branding for Benchmade Knives. The new direction was made to appeal to their current audience and new knife owners. We wanted to bring a new sexy, yet sophisticated look to their branding and site.

Lead Designer / Art Direction

As Lead Designer, I was tasked with creating a new branding and website. Life style imagery and big clear shots of their knives was a must; it really helps draw the user in and push them to buy the product. The knives have a very clean look so a sharply designed website was needed to match. I used lots of white space combined with big imagery to shift the focus on the knives themselves.


To revitalize the Benchmade brand, I used big lifestyle images of where you would actually use a Benchmade Knife. I kept their clean logo and matched that along with the new branding: I used white space, typography, and most importantly, their product shots.

  • Client (Pitch) Benchmade
  • My Role Lead Designer
  • Agency