Marcin Witkowski

Art Director   |   Chicago, IL

It's Your Life

Advantage Care Physicians is a multi-specialty physician practice delivering comprehensive and a community-based care in convenient locations throughout the New York metropolitan area. They needed a redesign for their public facing website and their intranet. They wanted a simple, clean and a very UI friendly interface, as well as an in-depth physician search that was quick and easy to use.

Lead Designer / Art Direction

As Lead Designer, I was tasked with making this website very clean and user friendly because of its older audience. I accomplished this by using big images that screamed health care combined with a lot of white space with strong typography, so that in turn, every piece of important information was easily recognizable.

Physician Directory

With over 1,000+ physicians, Advantage Care Physicians needed a quick and user friendly solution where you can search and easily find the doctor you need. This was accomplished by having the filters up front and centered, driving the user to easily find the provider they need.

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  • My Role Lead Designer
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