Marcin Witkowski

Art Director   |   Chicago, IL

Row Row Row Your Boat

The Chicago Water Taxi operates on a closed loop route on the Chicago River, from March to December, shuttling passengers between Chinatown/Madison Street, La Salle Street/Michigan Avenue and North Avenue. So, naturally with such a busy schedule, you'd need a new website so people would know which boat to take.

Lead Designer / Art Direction

The Chicago Water Taxi wanted a redesign that matched their branding, yellow, black, and big boat images. They also needed a "Next Boat Departure" finder that let users quickly find the route they needed to take. So, to solve this, I put a big image in the front and center with the departure finder there, allowing users to quickly find and buy tickets for their route.

Dock Details

Each dock station needed its own page that showed the route and surrounding attractions. You can also easily buy tickets for that route right there.

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  • Client Chicago Water Taxi
  • My Role Lead Designer
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